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Fuel mixing in the WVO tank?

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  • Fuel mixing in the WVO tank?

    Just curious as to how many folks here blend fuels in their WVO tank. I've heard that it's beneficial to have 10% diesel in the WVO tank, but I'm wondering how many folks are doing more/less, etc...
    100% Vegetable Oil
    95% Vegetable Oil/5% Diesel
    90% Vegetable Oil/10% Diesel
    Some other combination (Diesel additives, Jet Fuel, Kero, etc...)
    Currently dieselless!

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    100% vegetable oil for me right now, but I guess if something else came along and proved beneficial, I might try it out.
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      I have run an unheated VO tank for most of the 70k VO miles I have on truck. In winter I have added up to 15% diesel or B100 to keep VO liquid enough to get into heated fuel lines, etc.

      As soon as I get my heated pick-up installed, it'll pure VO forever more! Actually with the amount of heat I'm using I could probably burn bacon grease in Alaska winters...
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        100% vegi with the exception of the diesel that gets pumped back into the vegie tank from the purge process.
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          Wvo tank

          I use 95% WVO, the rest is Lucas injector cleaner,Power Service(gray or white container,depending on season),as of late half a container of sulpher additive(just to keep it smelling like diesel).The stuff is made by Gunk?anyone else using this in a PSD?........grease out
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            i use 95% diesel and 5% vegi oil...wait thats not right....
            What was the question again?
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              Since I added heat to my tank, it has been 100% oil. Remember the Polymerization report given a year ago about mixing 10:1. I was doing that for a while, but quit mainly because of laziness. I have a cover on the truck and it is kind of a pain to flip it up climb into the bed and put diesel in my tank. I also read in other forums that the less diesel in your heated tank the better. So I guess it helps in some ways, but hurts in others.