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    I have to admit i was alittle upset that I pulled out my golden system and then found out you were not going to use my truck. then i reinstalled my golden system and aday later ,since golden runs veggie thru the stock lift pump, the lift pump went bad. This made it even worse. As i was installing my new lift pump mike pulled up and told me that you guys had decided to give me the system. thank you very much. the system is ten times better than my old one. It takes half the time to install as the other systems. Your system rocks. THANK YOU

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    Stroker- We are all glad to have you as a part of the Vegistroke family. Sorry about all the confusion when we arrived I sure hope that the system, its fit finish and function, is and was worth the pain we might have caused you over that fiasco. Again welcome to the Family and if you need anything by all means please let us know!!!


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      Welcome to the Vegistroke group Stroker!

      Awesome to hear Jason and James come through like that. I don't think you'd find many other companies that would take care of folks like that!!!
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      2008 F-250 PSD - CC, Lariat, 4X4 - Sold
      2005 F-250 PSD - CC, Lariat, 4X4 - Sold


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        Welcome aboard Joe!

        I'm really happy that everything worked out (and more importantly that you're happy).

        So you're up and running the Vegistroke now?

        2005 F-250 Harley Davidson Edition with a few mods

        60k on veggie oil and counting


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          thank you guys so much. its up and running and great. I love it. I would do it alll over again .the pain was worth it.